Senior Freelance Colourist
Dan Moran

About Me

I’m a Senior Colourist based in the UK. Available worldwide via Remote Grading or to travel to you.

I have worked at Smoke & Mirrors, Coffee & TV and set up my own creative grading studio in 2018.

I have collaborated with major directors such as Yorgos Lanthimos, Joseph Kahn, Anton Corbijn, Mert & Marcus, Emil Nava, Director X, Martin Stirling, Ninian Doff, Kathryn Ferguson and many more.

I have worked with internationally renowned cinematographers including Daniel Landin BSC, Henry Braham BSC, Christopher Probst ASC, Tim Maurice-Jones BSC

My commercial clients include: Nike, H&M, John Lewis, Netflix, Gucci, Ikea, Cadbury, Samsung, Smirnoff and many more.

I’ve worked on music videos for Radiohead, Bjork, George Michael, Zayne Malik, Calvin Harris, Sam Smith, Depeche Mode, A$AP ROCKY and many more


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